County Democrats Seek to Repeal Voter Rights



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County Democrats Seek to Repeal Voter Rights

Last week, County Legislator John Nonna proposed legislation that would repeal section 209.161 of the Westchester County Charter, which would eliminate the requirement that certain amendments to the Charter be approved by a mandatory referendum by the voters of Westchester County.  Legislator Nonna’s proposal would deny the people of Westchester County a vote in the following fundamental changes to our Charter:

1.        create or eliminate an elective office.

2.        change the fundamental powers of voting or veto of an elected position.

3.        change the method to remove an officeholder.

4.        change the form of the county government or create a new form of county government.

The Republican members of the Board of Legislators maintain that an effort to strip the voters of these most basic provisions of our government is troubling and unprecedented.  The mandatory referendum requirement has been the law in our County for 63 years and no legislature has ever tried to remove it.  There are already too few opportunities for the public to have a direct voice in the legislative process.  Further, we believe the mandatory referendum law is a form of checks and balances granted to the people of Westchester to stop irresponsible changes to the County Charter.  We are concerned that principles set forth in the Charter that have stood for 75 years could be easily amended without a vote by Westchester’s residents.

The Republican caucus urges Legislator Nonna and the other legislators supporting this complex proposal to slow-down the process of repealing this important public voting provision.  In the spirit of section 209.161, we insist that the public be given ample time and opportunity to address the potential loss of their voting rights in this proposition.  Rushing this legislation is bad precedent, bad policymaking and raises important legal issues that need full vetting.

A legal opinion from County Attorney Robert Meehan reviewed section 209.161, as well as section 199.61, which Legislator Nonna cites as the section that supersedes the mandatory referendum requirement.  The County Attorney’s opinion disputes Legislator Nonna’s interpretation of these two sections in the Charter.  According to the County Attorney, these two sections do not conflict.  In fact, the County Attorney points out that the same governing body that ratified section 199.61, within one year went on to strengthen the foundations of the mandatory referendum law.

Legislator Nonna has indicated in a recent memo that the original time frame he proposed may not be sufficient and that he would allow for a more reasonable period for public comment and full legal vetting by the Legislation Committee.  While the Republican caucus appreciates that Legislator Nonna will provide a more substantive review of this historic change to the County Charter, we cannot expect any circumstance where we would ever support the elimination of the mandatory referendum requirement of the County Charter.  We question whether this repeal of the voting rights reserved for the people of Westchester should even be considered, and believe that the Board of Legislators has more important issues to address.

This move stems from the ongoing debate regarding proposed changes to the County’s A & C Board. Legislation to reform the A&C Board has been championed by Republican Legislators throughout the past decade. Republican legislators have always understood that any Charter Change made to the A&C Board would require a mandatory referendum. If section 209.161 is removed from the Charter, as Legislator Nonna and several members of the legislation committee are suggesting, a mandatory referendum would no longer be required and the majority could quickly push through these amendments without public scrutiny and as well as other changes to the County Charter.

The following is Section 209.161 which Legislator Nonna seeks to eliminate: “No local law shall become operative or effective unless and until the same is adopted by the affirmative vote of a majority of the qualified electors of the county voting on a proposition for its approval at the next general election held not less than 90 days after the adoption thereof, if it abolishes or creates an elective office; changes the voting or veto power of, or the method of removing, an elective officer; changes the term of office or reduces the salary of an elective officer during his term of office; abolishes, transfers or curtails any power of an elective officer; changes the form or composition of the elective governing body of the county; or provides a new form of government for such county.”


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4 Responses to County Democrats Seek to Repeal Voter Rights

  1. PatT says:

    It is clear that some politicians view their constituents as chattel. I thank Jim Maisano for protecting the rights and interests of the residents of Westchester.

  2. Harry Bolton says:

    I find it troubling that ANY Elected Official would introduce legislation that would curtail the rights of their constituents to vote, especially in regards to changes to our County Charter. I believe we have a REAL danger to our rights when a Legislator can simply curtail our right to create or eliminate an elective office, change the fundamental powers of voting or veto an elected position, or change the method to remove an officeholder. Is Legislator Nonna worried about His position? Maybe he should be!
    At a time in history when the people are fed up with Politicians, Mr. Nonna is trying to limit our ability to curtail his powers. I believe this should NOT be allowed and I would ask that some one on the County Legislature PLEASE introduce legislation preventing any Legislator from having the ability to limit or otherwise alter the ability of their constituents to exercise their power to vote in any manner what so ever. It is time for this type of thought process and these Legislators to GO!

    Harry Bolton
    Town Councilman
    Somers, NY

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  4. Joseph Sapienza says:

    This, I agree, is an unprecedented anti-voters’ rights move. Could it be that this is all part of a grass roots effort by the Obama administration to continue it’s attacks on our rights, freedoms, and the US Constitution from the very roots of our democracy.
    Had this report come from the radical right I would find it hard to believe. Coming from our county legislators it’s too close to home, and is truly frightening. Please keep us posted on how best to fight this attack on voters’ rights.

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