County Funding Passed for Affordable Housing in New Rochelle



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 Legislators Marcotte and Maisano Secure Funding

for Affordable Housing in New Rochelle

With the strong support of County Legislators Sheila Marcotte and Jim Maisano, the Westchester County Board of Legislators has voted unanimously to provide $1,190,000 in funding for the construction of new affordable housing called Heritage Homes in New Rochelle. The new construction will replace the sixty year old Robert Hartley Housing Project near Lincoln Avenue.  The new housing plan, through an innovate design, will provide significant infrastructure improvements needed to transform this property from one geographically and socially isolated to a new community that is part of surrounding neighborhood.

The existing Hartley House has stood for over 60 years and currently presents troubling social and crime problems for New Rochelle.  The new emphasis for Heritage Homes will be more home ownership and a better connection with the surrounding neighborhoods and the rest of New Rochelle.  For the first time in 60 years, city streets will travel through the housing area, creating a more integrated atmosphere as opposed to what one Legislator referred to as “prison-style housing”.

When completed, there will be 228 units and the new homes will be far more aesthetically appealing than the current six-story buildings.  There will be three-story townhouses and a fifty-unit apartment building, along with additional parking.  Winthrop Avenue will be re-opened within the development and the townhouses will be situated on the property in a manner that creates more of a neighborhood environment in keeping with the surrounding residential area.

Heritage Homes will be located in Legislator Sheila Marcotte’s district.  Legislator Marcotte is a member of the Budget and Appropriations Committee and has been a strong advocate for the project both in committee meetings and to her colleagues.  Legislator Marcotte said, “I am thrilled that my colleagues on the Board of Legislators have chosen to support Heritage Homes.   I am especially happy that the plan has been supported in a bi-partisan and collaborative manner.”  Marcotte continued, “The completion of this project is going to immediately improve the quality of life for the residents of Heritage Homes and the surrounding neighborhood.  The development will also bring new job opportunities to New Rochelle.  This project will mean that while these apartments are affordable, they are also beautiful and designed to create a connection to the rest of New Rochelle.  The residents of the new Heritage Homes will be able to take pride in their neighborhood and new homes.”

Minority Leader Jim Maisano has been a tireless advocate for the Heritage Homes project since the plan’s inception more than five years ago.  Legislator Maisano said, “This is a development where the entire leadership of New Rochelle came together in a bipartisan manner to support an excellent proposal that will positively transform a neighborhood in New Rochelle.  Since it was proposed, I worked on Heritage Homes with my friend and former Councilman Jim Stowe (who passed away in 2010), and I am sure he is looking down from heaven very pleased that this development now has its funding and will be built.  Fittingly, a portion of the new project will be named in Jim Stowe’s honor.  I was also impressed with the work of New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority Director, Steve Horton.  Steve built a consensus to support this development among many different groups in our city with different concerns, and his fine work was critical to the passage of this county legislation to provide the necessary funding to make Heritage Homes a reality.”


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  1. pat says:

    This is good to hear. My question is will it be open to all the hard working (middle class civil servants) who live and work in New Rochelle or will it just be open to the people who continue to live off the State?

    • The answer is supposed to be yes. But there are income limitations to apply for this housing. The townhouses are to be home ownership based. If you are interested, you should contact the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority for information on how to apply.

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