Leg. Maisano Attends Anshe Sholom Dinner – Honors Great Rabbi

Anshe Sholom Dinner

It was my great honor to present a Westchester County Proclamation to Rabbi Ely & Rebbetzin Chani Rosenzveig at the annual Anshe Sholom testimonial dinner in New Rochelle this past Sunday, June 26.

The Rabbi and his wife came to New Rochelle and Anshe Sholom about 15 years ago.  He has been an outstanding and dynamic leader for the synagogue and the New Rochelle community.

Rabbi Ely is also my friend and went out of his way to include me at events as county legislator during my 14-year career.  I always tell people that he is my Rabbi and Anshe Sholom is my Shul and enjoyed making so many nice friends at Anshe Sholom.

The Rabbi and his family (including 5 very impressive kids) are moving to Israel next year, which has always been a dream for the family.  It will be sad to say goodbye, and I will miss the Rabbi and his excellent advice very much.  I hope to visit them again in Israel someday.

County Legislator
Jim Maisano
Minority Leader


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