Celebrating St. Anthony in West End of New Rochelle

This past Sunday, June 10, I greatly enjoyed spending a few hours with my many friends at St. Joseph’s Church in the West End of New Rochelle. Every June, this wonderful parish celebrates Saint Anthony of Padua. It is an impressive cultural and religious celebration. A mass was held, and then the flags of the Vatican, Italy and the US were honored. This was followed by a procession through the streets of the West End with a statue of St. Anthony, where people watch the procession and attach contributions to the statue. At the conclusion of the procession, everyone visits the feast, where the sausage and peppers and zeppole are very popular. Here are photos from this excellent event:

St. Anthony of Padua is especially beloved by Italians. He lived from 1195-1231, was a Franciscan monk and born in Portugal. St. Anthony lived in Morocco before settling in Padua, Italy. He was known as an eloquent speaker.

St. Anthony is considered the patron saint of “miracles,” and is associated with the return of lost things and missing persons. He is petitioned for help in finding almost everything that is lost. Because he traveled widely, St. Anthony is also prayed to for safe travel, especially when ocean voyages are involved. He is beloved by those that work on the sea, and sailors often keep a statue of him on the mast of the ships. St. Anthony’s feast day is June 13th.

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  1. Casey says:

    Maybe we should pray to St. Anthony for the miracle of keeping Father Caruso right where he is. St. Joseph’s won’t be the same without him.

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