Watch the video of my speech against Echo Bay proposal

Below is the 3 minute video on YouTube of my speech on Tuesday night at the public hearing on Echo Bay proposal before the New Rochelle City Council. As you will see, I made it clear that it’s impossible to make the case this development is the best use of the property for existing New Rochelle residents or best use to generate revenues for our city. Any objective review would lead one to agree this project is “intellectually indefensible” and should be voted down 7-0.  The Mayor & City Council better be aware that the people of our city are watching this vote very closely.
County Legislator
Jim Maisano

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County Legislator for New Rochelle and Pelham and attorney for litigation, real estate, wills/probate. If you need my help with legal or legislative matters, call me at 914-636-1621 or email me at:
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