Interview with Daily New Rochelle about Post Election Plans

My interview with Daily New Rochelle about post election plans for next term.

Jim Maisano

Jim Maisano Looks Forward To New Term As County Legislator

By Suzanne Samin

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. — After winning re-election as Westchester County legislator for District 11 with 69-percent of the vote, Jim Maisano looks forward to continuing to work for New Rochelle and Pelham.

Maisano, a Republican and a lawyer based in New Rochelle, will be beginning his seventeenth year on the county Board of Legislators.

After winning what he called the most exhausting campaign of his life, he said one of his first priorities in his new term is to continue to make sure county government is open and user friendly to the Hispanic community.

“We tried to run a very inclusive, optimistic, bipartisan campaign,” he said, “We worked really hard on including the Hispanic community. Politicians never really reach out to Hispanic neighborhoods. I’m trying to open my office’s doors to their community.”

He also said he hopes…

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Serving our community as an Attorney & Consumer Protection Director. Practicing law for over 25 years and served for 2 decades as a Westchester County Legislator. If you need help, call Jim at 914-636-1621 or email to:
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