Tweens and Sex: Parenting is Not a Spectator Sport

Excellent post from my friend Melissa Langsam Braunstein…if we don’t get involved with our kids and keep an eye on them…who will?

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Is there anything more horrifying than hearing 11-year old girls discuss oral sex? If you’re the parent of a young girl, as I am, that would be a definite no.

In Newsweek’s cover story, “Sex and the Single Tween,” Abigail Jones (full disclosure: my old editor at The Jewish Daily Forward) catalogs countless examples of how our culture sexualizes tween girls, nudging them toward looking, and acting like, sexually adventurous miniature adults. Jones paints a portrait of a culture so depraved that even culturally liberal parents are likely to shudder.

Depending on your source, Jones explains, tweens are either 8-14 years old, or more specifically 10-12 years old. Either way, “tween” refers to a group of minors old enough to do certain things independently, but too young to have good judgment or true emotional maturity.

Selecting clothes is a prime example of where these girls need parental guidance. The…

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